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Valuing faultless reputation received from the company's activity, we will never cheat our clients, fulfilling all its obligations. Your positive feedback about our work – the key to attracting new customers. On all projects covered by quality assurance and support of essaycapital.org. Free completion of the project is in the event that there is no deviation from the original structure and plan. Complaints about the quality of the project are taken with a review of the teacher. The modifications due to changes in the initial theme of the project, his plan did not previously use of these materials and sources of the design work and its scope are carried out at an additional cost.

Therefore, we recommend all our clients to negotiate with us the plan, structure, references, and volume during the order process. You are carrying responsibility for the information provided, which will form the basis for the work. According to our data, 100% of all projects successfully accepted by the teachers. You still get acquainted with the material, to send a teacher to work without problems. In case of loss of the electronic version, we are committed to provide you with a copy from our archives. When applying for abstracts, essays and other work to us, you automatically receive all the guarantees and support.

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Self-correction of errors and defects in the finished work is not a reason to return to us of the amount paid for the order. In addition, if the customer refuses our services, it does not return the size of an advance of 40% of the cost of the work, if it is not completed yet. On request, we can sign a contract with you for the order and receiving the project. Our company reserves the right to refuse to cooperate with the customer in the event that for some reason cannot fulfill the order.

Terms of delivery of the finished project you set by your own. In the course of the work you are entitled to wonder at what stage is the implementation of your order. Upon its completion, we will contact you in any convenient way for you.

All our projects are checked for their compliance with the requirements of the initial content, theme and design, as well as tested in a special system for plagiarism. Thus, you can be sure that your essay or abstract is a unique and high quality.

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